Merchant Account Cash Discount

How Does Cash Discount Work ?

The below example illustrates how the merchant account services cash discount Edge program works on a percentage basis for a business. This scenario shows you how the Edge program from North American Bancard works by passing a percentage on to the customer at the point of sale when using a credit card instead of cash. The cash discounting receipts will show you exactly how the customer will see the final sale.
Customer Pays %
4 %
Merchant Earned
$ 4.00
Cost %
3 . 8 5 %
Merchant Cost
$ 3.85
Cash Discount Pricing

Merchant Services Cash Discount Account Pricing

All Card Types

3 . 8 5 %
Monthly Platform Fee

$ 1 9 . 9 5

Next Day Funding

Cash Discount Merchant Services
24 Hour Settlement Monday - Thursday Sales

Friday - Sunday Sales Deposited Monday
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